Process and Industrial Systems

Process and Industrial Systems

Comprehensive implementation and renovation of process and industrial systems.

  • Construction and modernization of process and industrial pipelines
  • Overhauls of equipment employed in chemical, power, petroleum, concrete, food, and other industries
  • Manufacture, overhauls and installation of equipment, devices, heat exchangers, condensers, columns and non-pressure and pressure vessels subject to acceptance by UDT
  • Pressure tests of industrial equipment up to 800 bar
  • Catalyst vacuum unloading and loading
  • Hydrodynamic clearing of process systems (heat exchanger, condensers, pipelines, etc.) – hydro monitor up to 800 bar

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Department Manager Piotr Kozak

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+48 81 506 60 33

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REMZAP has obtained the Factory Production Control certificate in acc. to PN-EN 1090-1:2009 for the manufacture of structural steel elements.

UDT licence for the performance of pressure works.

Overhauls of equipment employed in chemical
installation of equipment, devices
Hydrodynamic clearing of process systems
onstruction of process pipelines